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Writer Spotlight

For our Winter Issue, Literary Magic has chosen:

        Charles Clifford Brooks III

     Author of Whirling Metaphysics

This issue poet Charles Brooks joins us. He talks to Literary Magic about his poetry collection Whirling Metaphysics. Read the interview for advice on not on the meaning of poetry and what inspires artists to create poems.



Writer Spotlight: Questions for Charles Clifford Brooks III

1) LM (Literary Magic): What inspired you to become a poet? Why do you like poetry? Why did you start writing poems? What is it about poetry that captures your heart?

    CB (Charles Brooks): - Music was my inspiration to become a poet.

- I like poetry because it’s bare. It’s an extremely exposed art form.

- I started writing poetry to experiment with words.

  • The jazz quality of poetry captured me first.

LM: What made you want to write Whirling Metaphysics?  What do you hope to accomplish with it?

    CB: I can’t remember an epiphany that foretold this project.  My material slowly began to congeal while I worked. Certain poems would stick together.

  • I know it sounds contrite, but I hope this book simply doesn’t suck.  That’s what I hope to accomplish in general, not to suck.



    3) LM: What are your dreams? Your goals in life?

              CB: My dream is to write well enough to let the rest float by. When you get to do what you love, in any way, it makes “the small stuff” a shadow.

- My goals in life are to get a PhD in History and be a good husband.



4)       LM: What are the type of audiences who would be interested in your book?

    CB: I believe the casual reader of poetry would enjoy this as much as another who has a passion for verse. I write to people, not down to them. I didn’t write this book with any demographic in mind. It’ll be fun to see who can dig what comes out of my head.



5) LM: Give us a short biography of your life and career.

    CB: Born in Athens, Georgia I had a rare childhood. Moved into north Georgia at 12-years-old and began writing. I graduated from Shorter College (Rome, Georgia) in 1999 with my first national writing merits and a B.S. in History-Political Science. Created chaos, worked in a bookstore, worked for the State, got my heart broken, got married, and carved out poetry. My life has been charmed in the way writers need it to be. It’s not always pleasant, but boredom is worse.

 6) LM: What do you think poetry means to people? What does it mean to you, as a professional poet?

     CB: That is a huge question. I believe that poetry is a release. No matter the emotion, or depth of it, poetry tends to help people feel connected. That’s what appeals to me most as a poet, the connection it fosters.

LM: What was your favorite part about writing your book?

    CB: The best part about writing this book was figuring out what I was doing wrong.

8) LM: Will you be having any book signings, contests, readings or events in the near future?

    CB: Long term I plan to do a few local readings\signings.  I will get those dates out to people as soon as I get them.

LM: How can readers find out more about Charles Brooks and your book? Do you have a website? Where can your readers and fans find out more about you? Do you have a Website, forum, or fan page?

    CB: Getting a webpage is my next goal.  Anyone can perform a web search on my full name “Charles Clifford Brooks III” and see both poetry and prose.  Once the book gets out there I want to put all those hits on one site.  Anyone can find out more about me by writing to

10) LM: As a now published poet and as Poetry Editor of this online literary magazine, what advice do you have for aspiring poets? How can they succeed in today's publishing marketplace, whether they seek to publish in journals, online or even whole book collections?

      CB: Get ready to do 90 % of the work yourself.  Poetry is a fun process that likes to punch you in the stomach.  If you feel like you don’t have a choice but to write, then you’re a writer. 

-How to succeed in today’s market is beyond me. 

-The best way to become published in any format is to do your homework, be honest, and develop thick skin.  There is always room to become better.

11) LM: Do you have any comments on this interview? What do you think of Literary Magic in general?

      CB: I have always loved the interviews in this magazine.  This is one of the first magazines to take my work seriously.  Over the last three or four years Literary Magic has become a constant in my personal rotation of web magazines.  It’s a magazine that’s stayed true to its original mission statement.  Literary Magic is a great outlet for new talent and established voices reaching out to others.  I am fortunate to have so much support from such creative people.

      LM: Thank you, Literary Magic. LM


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