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Short Stories:


    "Martha Thompson" by Hillary Marie

    "Outlook: Sent Items" by Heidi Hirner

    "The Enemy" by Joan Kaplan

    "Heartbeat" by Michael Shafto

    "Holiday Romance" by Heidi Hirner

    "Aviophobia" by Terry Voyle

    "Perfect Rosebud Napkin" by Heidi Hirner

    "Radiance" by Liz Allen

    "The Old Counter" by Zdravka Evtimova

    "Day One" by Jessica Maher

    "Clocked" by Helen Cooney

    "There She Stood" by H.M. Gruendler-Schierloh

    "The Eye of Alma" by C.S. Larsen

    "No One Ever Died of a Broken Heart" by Judy Nickles

    "Truth and Consequences" by Michael Shafto

         "What Happened Between Classes" by H.L. Singer



Serial Stories:

  Prairie Wells by Donald Emigh

       Chapter 1: What Really Happened at Prairie Wells

       Chapter 2: Dade Foster, Gunfighter


  Shades Malone: Werewolf Hunter by Amber Buttrum

              Chapter 1: Werewolf Hunter

              Chapter 2: Double Team the Beast

              Chapter 3: Fight or Die






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