Returning to Suffering

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           Returning to Suffering.....

                                  By Kathryn Swainson

He wiped his brow , with the back of his hand
arched his back and drank his tea
For he was home again , the fishermen
after 5 raw days at sea

He still doesnt know if he likes it much
The seas are a cruel challenging place
The wind makes him frown where there is no need to frown
so the lines etched in deep in his face

Though his skin's is quite thickened by the wind rain and sun
Though his tan is more leathered than tanned
Though his hands are so sore , and hes lost so much sleep
Hes far happier on sea than on land

He doesnt quite know what to say to his wife
The very next time they will meet
He knows as she ambles on down to the quay
He'll quickly glance down at his feet

And hopes she walks by him . now WHY is that so
He asks of himself , has love gone?
If I told her , she'd never understand thats for sure
She;s sure to tell me something is so wrong

"I just want to go back , sweetheart ", he'll say with a huff
Whilst he ruffles her auburn long hair
"I am lonely at sea , thats for sure , yes i am
But I am lonelier still when NOT there...

Come with me , once , come join me
my Martella , you will be fine
I have tried for a long time to fit into your life ,
now its my turn to ask you to join me in mine"

She took his hand , sweetly , then she sighed
He just KNEW that the answer was going to be *NO*
"just how long has it taken you to ask me" she said
"I thought i was never getting to go !!...

There is something about the sea that you never did tell me
How its different to being on the ground
How the solitude , awesome power , and remoteness
Are enhanced with the sights , smell and sound"

And the swell, and the roll and the call of Ms Ocean
is something seductive yet deadly all the same
And the fools will one day pay the price with their own lives
If they think that sea fishing is tame.....

Then he woke , and he smiled , and he jumped out of bed
Snatched a shower before kissing the wife
And he wonders if all these dreams of mastering the waves
Are a sign of a previous life!




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