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Ocean’s Tears!

By Fuad Noman


Timeless aria!

Grateful Tears recite mindless rhymes

With a lovely Cardinal de Richelieu

A strong sweet scent by Rosa Eglanteria

For grandeur and eternity,

No Cry! Marvelous initiation

No Cry! Fabulous slumps

Thou dost stand high

The time’s decorum genuflects

For playing cool his concerto

Ocean’s vigor wallops and throbs

Before the nightfall, he flops

Drowning into a dull hush

Ocean’s eclipse

On land, a package of falls in crush

Ravage of morals in rash

You bear and repose

All creatures’ hush-hush

In your dark blue eyes

Looking at heaven’s epistle

Waiting for the augur of bird

Murmuring to Ego’s silhouette

What a dazzling heavenly bride!

Mars and Neptune are shaking hand

Luminaries commiserate and sympathize


On mle terra firma

Around all itinerary and course

Behind the silver curtain of sun

Predator hunting the shade of dummy prairies

By gory rant and rave

Plots, Plots, and immortal Plots

Against flora and fauna

Against impression and drops

What a vague miracle!

All birds love hovering over your skyline

To dance with your wonderful aria

The moon’s eyes rein in the fear of skies

In a surprise,

A half of his life span hides

Fear-provoking murky hours of darkness

Entering into skirmish with Jerky monsoon

In a harsh reaction of the blind typhoon

To a certain extent,

A lesser dark than Man’s thrash

For bottomless bellyache

In a murmurous complaint, going for a rush

His wide patch squashing mortal anguish to ash

Putting our home aside from ire and lash

Clutching a weather-torn alarm

By means of defunct blemish

As long as qualms and suspicions

Human’s eyes never lean to tears

Until the end of time,

Lying on flipside

Handing over stabs and fears

Ocean’s smirk decorating hymns of infinity

For no more than Deity

Human’s insignia, ashen, blue,

And forever black

Ungrateful brute in life’s trash

In chilliness and untold downward,

Ocean ad infinitum dives

Whilst, He by no means dies!

But drowning into a dull hush

To bear and repose

All creatures’ hush-hush




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