Friday Afternoon

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Friday Afternoon

   By Jayanthi Manoj

      Today the ride seems to be long and calm

      I find vehicles on slow wheels

      Enjoying a leisure drive

      I noticed that the people even walk on roads

      And buses like full-blown balloons

      Sometimes out of proportion

      Passengers jutting out, hanging on to the rails!

      There were trees that swayed

      Like nylon bristles on the brush. 

      I noticed all this

      On my way home this festive Friday afternoon,

      The satisfaction of accomplishing a week’s lash

      And the joy of a weekend ahead

      Brought alive the world that I passed everyday

      Which I forfeited to view on moody Monday morns

      When I shoot out of my home

      And land in a jiffy at office

      As a rocket. 

      I am happy that I am not misfired.



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