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By Jayanthi Manoj


A pack of dogs mark society

bite and bark and howl heartily

all stiff tails no grateful wagging

with blood thirsty tongues protruding 

they hoard their meat and bones

launch a search to scoop out from others

some with sorrow dripping settled honours

hang their face on the board of beggars 

dogs eat dogs

dogs bite dogs

dogs bark at dogs

dogs howl at dogs 

men extinct no traces of them

power flood money famine

robbed their sixth sense

leased society to untamed animals 

only when he wags at you

retain in his kennel

submits to his master

brings him morning newspaper

he’s just a dot in society

punctuating his purpose

dogs are just dogs 

all or some let loose ones rushing and dashing

creating traffic jams and stagnating

howling and barking

jamming and polluting 

as sleeping municipalities

wake one fine morning

relieving us of garbage

the society needs to be cleansed

shut all savage dogs

in that van for eternity

injected captured and shot down dead 





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