Shades Malone, Chapter 1: Werewolf Hunter

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Shades Malone Werewolf Hunter

                                   By Amber Buttrum


Standing under a lone streetlight on that cold autumn night, the man placed on a pair of black sunglasses along with a pair of matching black fingerless gloves. He threw his long golden blonde mane of curls behind him before he heard a rustling in the bushes across the street from where he was standing. He quickly pulled out a sharp golden switchblade out of one of his long black cowboy boots before pacing around the alley passing his blade from one hand to the other. He was ready to take on anything that was coming for him. He shivered after a blast of artic wind struck him head-on. The blow had chafed his skin leaving behind pieces of skin that were about to peel off. It was silent for a while. When he heard the rustling again, he got angry. He was tired of being toyed around with. He stared at the row of bushes. "Come on. I know you're out there!" He called. "Come out and show yourself. If you want me,come get me." The wind rustled through the trees. The branches began to thrash about agaisnt the wooden fence.Stepping out of the bushes was a teenage boy with short spiky blonde hair and icy blue eyes wearing all black. The man turned back around only to dodge the boy's flurry of punches. The boy growled. He laughed at the boy's mistake. Once the laughter had faded, the man grabbed the boy by th collar of his black poet shirt. He held the boy up to his face. The boy looked straight into the dark soul less eyes covered by the man's shades. "Go home, kid. I don't want to hurt you." He snarled. "Who are you?" the boy wanted to know. "Just call me Shades Malone. Now go before I decide to knock your lights out. You don't want to mess with the low-lives out here." He replied.


Shades threw the boy to the ground. He watched the boy run toward the opposite direction away from the alley. As soon as the boy was gone, Shades heard several guttural animal growls from all around him. He turned around to see three girls foaming at the mouth. They stared at Shades hungrily with deep yellow eyes. The clouds parted to reveal a full moon. In a matter of moments, the three girls began their painful transformation into blood-thirsty werewolves. shades took his blade and threw it toward all three of them. The blades wen through all three of the animals in sequence before returning to Shades like a boomerang. The creatures let out a blood-piercing scream before they all exploded into green slime. The slime that remained was the drug the girls were addicted to that permanently changed them into the feral merciless killers known as werewolves. This drug was Lime Mint.It was tough being a vigilante of justice, but for Shades Malone, it was the only thing he could do. The police weren't doing anything about the werewolf problem that was escalating in New York City. He had been protecting the innocent ever since his parents were murdered by a gang known as the Vultures. They were under the orders of the drug lord Jackson Webster (who had created the lime mint that had borne so many dangerous werewolves) to kill his parents since they failed to deliver the goods to him. As long as they were arlound, no one was safe. Shades was on a mission to protect the innocent from evil. To fail was not an option. He was a tall glass of water in a city of innocent, busy people looking for protection.


An hour later, he had entered one of  the popular clubs in lower Manhatten known as the Spitfire club. He had gone there every once in a while to see his favorite rock band DareToDream play the venue. Tonight they were playing. Shades could see the lead singer place the microphone in front of his face screaming his heart out. Several young girls in the front row closest to the stage began to scream the singer's name swaying side to side to the loud rock music playing in the club. Shades who sat at the bar couldn't help but to laugh. "So many girls are led into the darkness." He told himself just as the bartender placed a Gin & tonic right in front of him. Shades inclined his head to thank him and slipped a twenty into his pocket as he walked over to the other patrons. "You are most kind,sir." The bartender said before walking away. Shades nodded. He was about to take a sip of his drink before he heard someone say to him "Nice night to have The Shades Malone grace this establishment with his presence. I'm touched you're here."Shades placed his drink down and stared at the man wearing the red business suit curiously. "I only came to hear the awesome music playing. I'll only protect the peace if it happens to be threatened again. What I want to know is how you know my name, old man." Shades replied taking a sip of his Gin & tonic before slamming it to the table hard. The man stared back at Shades with his two icy blue eyes. Slicking his short brown hair back, a Cheshire cat smile crossed his face. "You should know me. I'm the one who created the lime mint pill."


"Jackson Webster." the name came off Shade's tongue like a bad taste in his mouth. He was about to grab the drug lord by the collar of his shirt but stopped himself. This was not the place or time to cause trouble. There would be other times where Shades could bash Jackson's brains in. He calmed down before he gave a low growl to the businessman. His eyes pierced through Jackson like ice. They were dark and menacing. "I think you should leave before you end up in an accident." He said through clenched teeth. He looked straight at the alcoholic beverages that lined the wall. Jackson laughed nervously for a second before he cleared his throat. He stood up to leave. "Another time then, Mr. Malone. Good evening." Jackson finally said giving a salute to Shades. It was only when Jackson left that Shades mouthed under his breath. "Every man's trash is another man's treasure. Good riddance to you." With that, Shades finished off the rest of the Gin & tonic in one gulp letting the liquid flow down his digestive system like a bitter wine. Once he placed the shot glass down, he ducked.


A wet projectile struck the wall behind him. He turned to see a huge hole that melted through the wall. Acid spit. Only one creature had that kind of deadly saliva and it was in this club right now. He stood up to see the werewolf standing on its hind legs. Blood had stained its lips. The three girls had laid dead at the creatures' feet.


The creature's eyes glowed a brownish-yellow in the dimly lit club. It opened its mouth to let out a blood piercing scream. Many of the patrons covered their ears. They didn't want to go deaf. It was only Shades whose ears were immune to the deadly creature's cry. He could even smell the lime mint that hung on the monster's breath. The woman was no longer human. She had fully been converted into a full-fledged blood thirsty werewolf by Jackson Webster's lime mint pill. The creature was killing for food and it had to be put down. Shades placed his blue jean vest over his black tank top and blue jeans before he pulled out the silver bladed switchblade with the golden handle out of his boot before he stared coldly at the beast. He clenched his teeth in anger. The wolf charged into Shades and knocked him to the ground.


The werewolf got on all four legs before it bounded out of the club like a hurricane. Shades followed it outside. Once the two of them were gone, the bartender locked everyone inside. The wolf stood back up on its hind legs before growling at Shades in anger. "Like I told your master a few minutes ago, meat, I will protect the peace if it happens to be threatened again!" Shades snapped holding his blade out toward the hairy beast. The creature quickly charged toward Shades before it hissed "Filthy human scum!" Shades dodged the wolves' attack before he stabbed the creature in the back with his blade. The creature howled in pain. It sliced Shades across the cheek with one of its long sharp nails before it slowly turned to green slime. Shades then took out his lighter. He lit it and burned the green ooze. When the fire went out, there were no more remnants of the limt mint pill that had ruined the girl's soul.


Shades felt a sharp ting of pain. He placed his hand on his face and felt a sharp jagged cut on his cheek. It had started to bleed. He cursed under his breath before the bartender unlocked the door and ran up to their hero. "You are very brave, Mr. Malone. Are you okay?" He asked seeing the cut on Shades's cheek bleeding. "It's just a cut. I'll live." Shades replied tearing his pant leg off and placed the jean fabric against his cheek. He would hope the bleeding would stop. Evidently, it bled through the fabric. "Man, the last time you said that, you almost died." a familiar voice said behind Shades with a laugh. When Shades turned around, his jaw went slack. His mind only had one name that connected to the woman with the long ebony curly hair, brown eyes, and wearing a cherry blossom kimono with a pair of bobby pins in her hair. "Annica." was all he could say. Annica gave Shades a warm-hearted smile. "It's been a long time, Shades." She replied placing her silky arms around his neck. "The werewolf situation has been escalating recently due to that drug of Jackson Webster's. I promised to protect the peace and that's what I plan to do." Shades added after kissing Annica on the lips for only a minute before they both pulled off. "You do a great job of it." She told him after she handed him back his lighter. He thanked her before placing it back into the pocket of his vest.


He then saw her take out a lime mint pill and flip it between her fingers. Annica gave a dry laugh. Her eyes stared at Shades darkly. "This drug is my freedom and I'll never let you take it away from me!" She growled. Shade's jaw dropped. In that one instant, Annica popped the pill into her mouth. She swallowed it after a minute. The clouds cleared to reveal the full moon that shined over everyone like a skylight. A dark guttural laugh filled Annica's throat. She placed her hands to the ground. Shades tried to stop her, but she grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground. Shades could not believe what was happening to his ex-girlfriend Annica. She was slowly changing into a creature that people believed came from an old wives tale. In seconds, Annica had completely converted over into a blood thirsty beast. It turned to see the fat bartender before opening its mouth of razor sharp teeth to let out a low growl. Drool fell down its gums. The bartender saw the wolf and quivered in fear. He didn't want to be an easy meal for the beast so he made a run for it. He was about to enter his cadillac when he ran into a contorted mess of sparks and metal. Waiting for him was the wolf who clenched its teeth and growled. The beast began to ravage the poor bartender to pieces.


All that remained of the bartender was a skeleton wearing an apron. The sight disgusted Shades so much that he removed his dark sunglasses and placed them above his head. He didn't even notice the club doors lock again. All he saw was the beast with the blood staining its lips and what remained of the warm hearted bartender who he had once considered a friend. He stared at the wolf with his dark soul less eyes and frowned."Once you took the drug, you lost all the freedom you've had. All of your thoughts revolve on three things: food, chaos, and destruction. As long as that drug is in you, you will never be free!" Shades yelled. He took his blade out and held it straight in front of him. Before he could do anything, the wolf struck him to the ground hard. Shades tried to get up. The wolf had bit a chunk out of his right leg. Blood began to stream down his pant leg. He brought his left foot up and kicked the wolf in the face. The wolf howled in pain releasing Shade's leg which was full of bite marks and covered in blood. His leg continued to bleed. The wolf was right behind him with its claws raised. The beast was ready to tear the hero apart. Before the beat attacked, Shades quickly spun around and sliced it across the face with the switchblade. The creature howled in pain. His bangs fell in front of his eyes. Shades could feel the cool breeze caress through his hair. His face remained emotionless. It was those creatures who took his parents away from him. Now they had to pay.


The creature had fallen to the ground. Before it could get up, Shades stabbed the wolf in the heart with the switchblade's silver blade. All the beast could do was writhe before it melted into the green slime that Shades had only burnt once before. He grabbed a zipper baggie from out of his vest pocket and collected a sample of the ooze for his friend to analyze. Zipping up the bag with a small sample of the green slime, he placed it in his vest pocket before he burnt the rest of the sinister lime mint pill. In the shadows Jackson Webster scowled at Shades with intensity.


"Oh, Mr. Malone. I can't wait until I finally get rid of you once and for all. Soon you will feel the most intense pain you'll ever experience in your life!" Jackson proclaimed. He began to laugh evilly in the shadows. After a minute, he slowly skulked back to his warehouse near the dock. A few minutes past by and Shades retrieved his lighter from off of the hot pavement. He looked down to see the damage on his leg. His leg was bleeding still. He moved it only two feet before the sharp throbbing pain returned. Seeing a t-shirt hanging from a flag pole, he pulled it down and wrapped it around his injured leg. Placing the lighter in his vest pocket, he pulled out a couple of quarters out of his pant pocket before heading to the pay phone close to the alley. The money went in and he dialed the number for his friend Miguel. Waiting, he pulled out a chocolate bar. Life was bliss for him when he ate anything sweet. It basically soothed him."Hello." Miguel answered cooly. "Miguel? It's Shades. I want to know if I can come over. I need you to analyze this sample for me." Shades replied after taking a bite of his chocolate bar. "What did you get for me, man?" Miguel asked a minute later. "I'll show you when I get there. See you in five." Shades said. Miguel nodded. Hanging up the phone, he went over to the cycle.


It took him ten minutes to get over to Miguel's shack which was a few miles from where Jackson Webster resided at near the dock. Parking the cycle on the hill, he went over and knocked on the door. A second later, the door opened and out popped Miguel with his short spiky black hair and blue eyes wearing a retro t-shirt. He was very tan that day. "Hey Shades. Come in. Ooh, I can't wait to see the sample!" He cried.

Shades nodded and placed the bag with the green slime residue of the lime mint pill on Miguel's desk next to his computer. Beside Miguel's computer was his scanner and analyzer where he analyzes many different along with rare samples that Shades would often find on his journey to fight injustice. As soon as Miguel saw the sample, his jaw went slack. His eyes widened in fear at what Shades had uncovered. "Homes, this is the lime mint pill. How did you manage to get this drug without Jackson Webster knowing about it?" Miguel asked impressed. "Easy. My ex-girlfriend swallowed it, became a werewolf, harmed an innocent, and I took her out. Usually I burn the pill, but I want you to analyze the remnants for me. I want to know why it converts only the woman and why it causes so much destruction." Shades answered his friend. He stood next to Miguel with his arms crossed.


Miguel took the slime out and it felt like putty in his hands. He made a disgusted face at it before placing it on the scanner and analyzer. Once it was on the machine, Miguel booted up his computer. After a few mechanical beeps, a screen popped up. It was the homepage of Jackson Webster industries. The scanner was about to scan and analyze the lime mint pill when a video started to play on the Jackson Webster industries website. It was a live video feed and close-up to the camera was Jackson Webster with his icy blue eyes, short brown hair, and a dark smile on his face.He was wearing a suit and he placed his hands togehter. "Hello Shades Malone. I see you are with your computer nerd friend Miguel ezekiel. Hello Miguel." Jackson said with a dry laugh. All Miguel did was wave before he cursed under his breath. Jackson ignored Miguel before he turned back to Shades and stared at him darkly. "Now I know who has been eliminating my clients; The ex-cop, Shades Malone, now a werewolf hunter. My product which you have been carelessly burning away had cost me a couple of million dollars and a ton of food. I can't afford to have the city's vigilante cross with me and my lime mint pill!" He snapped. Jackson  threw a vase to the wall. The vase shattered into a million pieces. Jackson got back into the camera after he composed himself and gave a big smile to Shades. "I see we have an understanding. Just know this. We end this soon. Adieu." Jackson finally said. The video clicked off and vanished. Shades cursed. He then saw Miguel quiver in fear. "What's wrong,man?" He asked.


"That guy is not human!" Miguel cried. He saw the pill on the computer screen being analyzed. On the side was a list of all of the people who experimented with the lime mint pill. The name that was on the top of the list that Shades recognized was Jackson Webster. After that, he turned to Miguel. "Did you know that Jackson Webster experimented on himself?" He wanted to know. "No, not really. He had to test his product out somehow so I guess he was the first to try it." Miguel noted. Reading the main ingredient of the pill, Shades frowned. "He's dangerous. Not good."

Miguel wanted to know why but kept silent. When Shades knew what was wrong, he would explain it in full, no questions asked. He cleared his throat after staring at the wolvesbane intently before turning to his friend to speak. "My parents were killed by a werewolf who had taken a lime mint pill that had contained 100 Mg of wolvesbane. This pill is not approved by the FDA. It's illegal and highly dangerous to all who take it. Jackson Webster was the one who had taken that very pill. My mother became his first female client. She had only killed once and he wanted the pill back. My father told her not to. When Jackson found them both, he killed them in a stupor of rage." Shades said. His words were as crisp as crystal. " So, when's the final showdown?" Miguel wanted to know . Shades smiled. "Hopefully tomorrow night. He may be a rotten scoundrel, but all criminals have to be brought to justice in the end. He has to pay for his sins after all."


Jackson Webster's eyes glittered in the darkness as he waited for four of his female clients to return. He was hungry and only their blood would suffice him. He could change into the alpha-male werewolf at will. It didn't matter if the moon was out or not. The pill had given him powers no human could obtain in a million years. Once he heard the girls' stiletto shoes thump the ground like a truck, he jumped down from the catwalk to stand in front of them hungrily. "Oh. You have done very well,ladies. Now I must feed!" Jackson proclaimed with an evil laugh. He slicked his short brown hair back before one of the beautiful women with the blood staining her lips pulled on the coat tail of Jackson's crimson red blazer. "I don't want to do this anymore. Please let me go!" the auburned haired beauty cried. Tears began to stream down her yellow green eyes and stained her silky white sun dress. Jackson pulled the girl up in front of his face. He placed a hand on her cheek. Looking at her frightened eyes, he gave a sly smile.


"My dear, isn't this what you wanted? You said you would help me try out my product to the fullest. It didn't matter if it made you destroy a few lives in the process. And now you want out? What a grave mistake you have made!" Jackson hissed. He struck the girl across the face and she fell to the ground. Blood began to fall down her injured cheek when she saw the man she had once known as a boss began to laugh sinisterly and placed his hands to the ground. His hands slowly became sharp claws.


His whole body had extended and he was built like a wrestler. His face slowly contorted to that of a wolf. Thick shaggy black fur covered his body and his ears became long and pointy on the side of his head. After a long mane fell down to his back and a long bushy tail swayed side to side behind him, he glared at the girl wih deadly blue eyes. The girl let out an ear-shattering scream of terror. She was about to get up when the beast known as Jackson Webster held onto her leg tightly and used his long claws to rip through her dress. Jackson opened his mouth to reveal rows of razor-sharp teeth before he laughed again. Drool fell down his mouth. As soon as the saliva struck her arm, she screamed in terror after seeing her arm begin to burn away. "You monster!" She yelled and kicked Jackson away. He howled in anger. In one split second, he jumped into the air and fell on her. The girl couldn't pull the creature off her. The creature's weight was too much for her. Crushing her bones, the girl was dead.


Jackson bit into the girl and started to feed. He was like a lion feeding on a zebra he had caught in the African pridelands. When Jackson was full, he stood up and snapped his finger. In a flash, all the fur melted off of him like water and he slowly changed back to his lanky, beautiful, old self. Turning to the other three ladies, he smiled. "I'm full for now, but tomorrow night, I will finish the rest of you off." He replied. The door locked.

Tomorrow night had arrived.


Miguel wished Shades good luck. When Shades left his friend's house toward Jackson Webster's humble abode, Miguel locked himself in his house. Shades had let out a deep breath before he pulled out his silver blades switchblade with the golden hilt and held it to his side. He quickly placed on his dark sunglasses before he slowly entered Jackson Webster's home. Opening the door slowly, Shades heard a loud thump on the creaky wood floor. He closed the door behind him and looked down. There slumped at his feet was the withering corpse of one of Jackson Webster's female clients. Her skin was pale; her whole body was drained of blood. With long jagged cuts all over her body, the auburned haired stiff's eyes stared at Shades with an utter sadness. The likes of which Shades had never seen before. Walking further into Jackson's humble abode, he spotted a dim lit candle in the center of the room. At that moment, Shades realize he wasn't alone in the main room. Standing behind the dimly lit candle was Jackson Webster himself. His blue eyes were illuminated by the candle and stared at Shades darkly. "Hello Shades. Did you enjoy the remnants of my latest meal?" He said. "She put up a good struggle, but she failed to no avail." Jackson laughed and walked up to Shades. Approaching him, he stood eye to eye with the tall hero. Shades returned his gaze. His eyes were cold and menacing. He shook his head no. "Why do you intend to kill something so beautiful?" Shades asked keeping his blade to his side. He watched Jackson walk over to his oak desk, smile, and placed his hands together. The silence was killing Shades.


Jackson laughed. "I guess I should enlighten him then. It's the best I can do since he's going to die soon anyway." He muttered under his breath before he looked up to see his nemesis begin to sweat. Jackson gave a big cheshire cat smile and began to walk around his desk. "So you want to know why,eh? Well, some people do it for money. Others kill beautiful things for power, but as for me, I did for power and dignity. I did it for survival. Do you think my clients could spread the product and make it successful themselves? No...they need me to give them a little push. Then the ones who do a good job return to me. That's when I claim my prize; their blood. It lengthens my lifeline and I get my drugs back. All they do is give me their money. I hand them the drug and poof! They become the killers we all slowly become in the end. It doesn't matter if we have to kill a few lives along the way. The good thing for me is I get their blood and my product." Jackson explained before he once again returned to stare at Shades. Shades frowned at Jackson. "My parents faced the same fate as your clients. They were murdered by your own hands. Well, it's time to end this, Jackson. I'm going to make sure you harm no more innocent souls ever again!" Jackson proclaimed. He clenched his teeth in anger.

Jackson's blue eyes stared at Shades dangerously as soon as he heard that. He let out a dry laugh before he howled in anger and threw the remaining glass vase on his desk to the wall. The vase shattered to pieces after a minute. "Well then, you've entered the lion's den. Prepare to face your worst nightmare!!!" He yelled. Jackson then placed his hands onto the ground and his deadly transformation began.


Shades saw the clothes rip from Jackson's body and saw Jackson no longer human. With the transformation complete, Jackson unleashed a glass shattering howl to intimidate Shades. He failed terribly for Shades was immune to the beastly cry. Sweat fell down Shade's forehead as Jackson stood right behind him with teeth clenched. He let out a deep growl. Drool fell from his jaws. Seeing the saliva fall, Shades quickly jumped out of the way.Jackson howled in anger after seeing his opponent escape from his grasp. "You may run from me Malone, but you can't hide!" He schreeched. Shades ran so far that he ran into a wall by mistake. Shades cursed under his breath. Turning around, Jackson found him. He raised one of his claws up and brought it down ripping through Shade's tank top. Shades began to scream in pain. Looking down, he saw two razor sharp cuts on his chest begin to bleed. "You beast!" He cried. "That was one of my favorite shirts!" When Jackson lost his guard, Shades sent a punch to his face. The punch connected sending Jackson flying to the ground in agonizing pain.


Shades then remembered something from a film he had seen a few years ago. The only way to kill the monster was to destroy his creation. He opened the bookcase behind him and it opened to reveal the whole supply of Jackson's lime green mint pill. "You wouldn't dare!" Jackson growled. Shades gave a devilish grin and took out his lighter. He flicked the lighter open and a flicker of bright red-orange flame came to life. "Goodbye Jackson!" Shades yelled. He threw the lighter into the room of the pills and one by one they began to burn away. "Noo!" Jackson screamed. He began to sway back and forth engulfed in flames. The other green mint pills vanished from the three girls that hid in the corner of the study. Shades found them and asked if they were okay. They could only nod. They then jumped to the other side of the room as a piece of roofing fell to the floor from the ceiling covered in flames. "Thank yous later. Let's get out of here before we're all killed!" Shades called.

The girls in the matching white sun dresses didn't argue. They quickly ran out of the building safe and sound. Shades was still in the building. Shades took off his sunglasses and took one final look at the warehouse. The heast that had consumed Jackson Webster was dead in a pile of burning rubble. All of the lime mint pills slowly turned to ashes. Shades seeing the roof crash down ran as fast as he could out of the building that quickly began to turn to rubble. Once he was out, the warehouse that had spawned so much evil was gone taking the man behind it along.


After the girls thanked him by giving Shades a big hug, he went over to Miguel's house and knocked on his door. Miguel opened it to see Shades all banged and bruised up as always. He couldn't help but to laugh. "You did it,Shades!" He called. "You saved us all." Shades nodded and couldn't help but to look at what was once Jackson Webster's warehouse one more time. It now stood as a pile of rubble. "All that glittes turns to dust." Shades said to himself. He then turned back around to face Miguel with a warm smile before he messed up his hair. "So you want to finish that movie?" He asked. Miguel's eyes beamed with glee. He couldn't help but to nod. "I'll pop some popcorn. You just bring yourself." He added. Shades nodded. "I'll be there in a minute." He said. Miguel nodded and ran inside the house like a happy go lucky kid. Shades couldn't help but to laugh before he went out to sit on the pier to reminise. He looked at the bright stars in the sky and felt a wave of cool artic wind chill his skin to the bone. "It's over now. You can finally rest in peace. Mom. Dad." Shades said to himself silent tears began to fall from his eyes. He wiped them off with his vest.New York was safe for now. The evil of the werewolves of the lime mint pill and Jackson Webster was finally put to rest. Until the peace was disrupted again, everyone would relax once again all thanks to Shades Malone Werewolf hunter. One adventure was over. Soon a new one would begin and Shades Malone will one day rise to the occasion to save all.



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