Shades Malone, Chapter 3: Fight Or Die

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Chapter 3

Fight Or Die

 By Amber Buttrum



Shades walked around a dark void before someone struck him in the head and he was pinned to the wall by Jackson Webster. He could hear that deadly cackle ring through his ears and Jackson's eyes were bloodshot. "Everyone you have ever loved have died around you,Shades." Jackson said to him darkly. Shades remained emotionless. Jackson bellowed in rage; his eyes stared at his nemesis coldly. He calmed down before a dark smile curved on his lips. Jackson grabbed Shade's blade from out of his jeans and laughed. "It's time to face your doom. Die, thorn in my side." He whispered coldly into Shade's ear. Jackson laughed hysterically as he pierced Shade's weapon straight through his heart. Shades clenched his teeth to endure the pain until he pulled the blade out and sunk it through Jackson's pathetic heart instead. Jackson screamed in terror as he once again was engulfed in flames. He quickly woke up and cursed in anger. Shades was going to pay for taking away his meals and it would be with pain along with suffering. Getting out of bed, he slipped on his red robe and walked down a hallway where at the end were his clients all chained to the wall. He was hungry. One of them would satisfy his hunger for now. They were skinny and full of meat. He liked that in a meal. When the girls saw him, they looked at him with fear. "Ahhh. You'll do nice." Jackson said to the blonde. She screamed.
Shades Malone was fighting a gang member who had cornered him in the alley close to Adrian's old flat. Shades grabbed the goon by the arm and threw him onto his back to the ground before he pointed his blade to the man's neck. "Why do you want to hurt me?" Shades wanted to know. The man said nothing. Shades walked away. The man then ran at Shades screaming curses at him until he spun around and held his blade toward the man's adam's apple. The man's eyes widened with fear. "if I were you, I would leave before something bad happens. I wouldn't want to see you as a meal for a werewolf." Shades said darkly grabbing the guy by the shirt collar up to his feet. The guy nodded. Shades growled and threw the guy into a couple of trash cans. As soon as the guy disappeared, Shades placed his blade up and moved on. He walked on until he heard the howl of a werewolf and froze. Turning to the sound of the wolf, he looked to see the ruins of Jackson Webster industries in the distance. He knew Jackson had fed again. Thinking about the man who took his family away from him sent Shades blood pressure skyrocketing. He hated Jackson Webster with a passion. Taking his eyewear off and placed it above his head for a moment, his soul less black eyes scowled at the ruins. "I want him dead too." Someone said beside him. Shades looked at the girl who stood next to him looking at the same place he was. The girl was beautiful with long brown hair placed into a ponytail facing the building with her innocent dark blue eyes. She wore a dark black shirt with multicolor hearts on the front of it and blue jeans. The wind that blew past her chilled her to the bone.
Shades asked looking at the girl curiously "What did Jackson Webster take away from you that you want him dead? I want him dead because he took my family away from me and I have to save New York from his wolves." A tear fell from her eyes when she answered him. "He abducted my sister from our apartment and made her take a lime mint pill." She cried.
Shades placed back on his eyewear and growled. So Jackson was desperate. He was so desperate that he had to kidnap people from their homes and make them his clients against their own free will. Usually they would do it freely,but the pills were so powerful that the users would lose control. Anyone who took Jackson's pills had to return to him once they had made their kill or terrible consequences would befall them. The same one that destroyed both of Shade's parents. "That's why I want him dead." She told him. "I don't want him to hurt her like he did my other friends." "Well, I won't let him hurt you or anyone else in New York. I'm Shades Malone." Shades replied shaking her hand. The girl smiled. "I'm Eltiana. So you're Shades? Everyone consinders you a hero for saving them at the Spitfire club. I was there that night you followed the wolf outside before the bartender locked us in. You are a very brave man." She complimented. Shades thanked her before he heard a wolves' piercing scream coming from the alley he had just left and heard the whimpers of two frightened kids. "I got to go take care of this." He said pulling his blade out. "Can you stay here till I get back?" Eltiana nodded taking the bangs out of her eyes.
Shades stopped to a halt to see one of the young boy's faces covered in blood as he began to cry. The wolf was busy eating the other boy not to notice Shades who whispered to the boy to run. The boy nodded. He sprinted away from the alley just as the wolf spit out the other kid's bones. The wolf saw Shades with its dark eyes. The wolf growled before it ran straight for him. Shades dodged the creature who snapped at his heels. He was about to land on his feet when the wolf swung a claw at him and sliced him on the neck. Shades wailed in frustration. He could feel the throbbing pain on his neck. Blood began to trickle down. "You're going to pay for that!" He hissed. Shades ran at the wolf and headbutted it through the chest. The surprise attack caught it off guard. The beast lost its balance and fell to the ground. It writhed to the ground like a fish that landed on the shore. Without hesitation, it gouged its eyes out with its claws. The creature screamed in horror. "End its suffering,Shades. No one should suffer like that. Not even my sister." Eltiana said sadly. Shades could not believe that the creature before him was once Eltiana's sister. Once the lime mint pill took over, the person was no longer there. Only the beast remained. Shades took out his blade and sliced the head off the wolves' shoulders. The beast screamed before it became green slime. Shades burned it and tears were being shed from Eltiana. "It's going to be alright." He said.
"Shades, your neck! Here let me tend to it." Eltiana cried. Shades nodded. She bandaged up the cut on her neck. Looking at her, Eltiana reminded him a lot of Annica. He thanked her as he placed his blade up. Eltiana looked straight ahead toward Jackson's lair with a cold look in her eyes. "You will pay for hurting my sister,Jackson Webster. The next time we meet, you're dead!" She snapped taking a ceramic pot from her back and threw it to the ground.
The pot shattered to pieces. Shades looked at her in shock before he laughed. "You sure you're not related to him? You break stuff like he does." Shades said slyly. Eltiana growled before she punched him in the arm. He groaned in pain. "That would be a no." Shades grunted. Eltiana couldn't help but to smile. A cool breeze blew past them both and Shades felt tired. She could see the exhaustion on his face before she handed him a bottle of water. He took a drink then thanked her. "My house is past the ridge. We'll rest there tonight." She told him. Shades nodded. He followed her over the ridge to her home which was an old community playhouse. Entering it, she lit all the candles in the building before she went to pull out the sleeping bags onto the stage. Shades was in awe. "this is nice." He said. Eltiana thanked him. They both got into the sleeping bags. In a few seconds,they fell asleep.
"Oh. That felt good." Jackson sighed. A dark smile curved his lips as he licked the blood off his fingers. The woman he fed off of was all bones now at his feet. He crushed them under his feet before he cackled evilly. His laughter stopped when one of his clients was about to leave and scowled. He walked from out of the shadows before he gave the woman a dark glare. "Where do you think you're going?" He wanted to know; his voice was full of malice. The girl turned around to face him. It was Shade's ex-girlfriend Annica. She swung her long ebony black hair to the side of her before returning his gaze with her brown eyes. Her hands were on her hips. "Well, you have more business with your other debutantes then me to do your bidding. So I'm leaving."
He leaned over Annica and wrapped his arms around her She could hear him breathe deeply. "You want to leave when you're so close to watching Shades Malone suffer? You are the only one I've ever loved,Annica. I loved you more than Shades ever did. Shades never cared about you!" He told her. Hearing that, her heart broke. A tear slowly fell from one of her brown eyes staining the dress she wore the night Shades had killed her. When she looked into his eyes, Jackson had told her the truth. He chuckled before his eyes glittered darkly at her. "Make him suffer and I'll be there to deliver the final blow." Jackson added cooly after placing a kiss on Annica's hand. He smiled at her and looked at her with a playful stare. Annica slipped out of his grasp and sighed. "I'll go tomorrow night. I will join you soon. First I want to smoke." She whispered. Jackson inclined his head to nod. "Be my guest, but smoking kills." he said before a laugh escaped him. Annica nodded and walked outside. A dark smile curved on his lips. Soon he would have Shades dead. He disappeared into the shadows and waited for Annica.
Annica leaned agains the side of the brick wall that still stood since the collapse of Jackson's building before she took a cigarette out of her pocket and pursed it to her lips. Taking a match out, she struck it on the ground before she lit it. Inhaling the foul smoke, Annica began to choke. She stopped and threw the drug to the ground and stepped on it with her heel before the scent of Juniper berries filled the air. Smelling it, Annica scowled. Shades was somewhere close by. She could still smell the sweet fragrance of Juniper berries from his hair.
She was about to go inside when she saw him a few inches away from her cast a sweet smile toward her. That was what he did in the past. He would go up to her and whisper sweet nothings into her ears before they embraced into a succulent kiss. This time was different. His face remained emotionless and he walked up to her slowly. He showed no remorse. "Why are you here?" He asked sharply. His lips curved into a snarl. "Jackson brought me back." She replied. Shades was on dangerous ground at that very moment. His mind began to spin. Annica was dead. He was there when he killed her the night she became a wolf. "I'm sorry, but it's time for you to suffer, my dear!" She spat. Her eyes stared dangerously at him before she struck him hard across the face. Shades fell back to the wall with blood running down his nose. He winced in pain. He tried to tell her that he loved her, but it was no use. The words were caught in his throat before she pulled him by his hair and slammed him to the ground. Jackson could only look at his once true lover in pain and terror.
"Why are you doing this, Annica?" He asked through clenched teeth. It was at that moment that Jackson walked out of the ruins to stand beside Annica and laughed. He wrapped his arms around her before planting a kiss on her cheek. Shades gagged at the sight. Jackson smiled darkly at his foe who was on the ground in pain. Shade's face was a tousled mess of hair and blood. "She is doing it for me,Shades. I loved her more than you ever had. Now you are suffering for your mistakes." He said taking out a leather whip and stripped Shade's shirt off of him.
Shades faced the brick wall with his back toward Jackson. His legs were spread-eagled apart and tears slowly streamed down his eyes. Jackson smiled evilly at Shades before he brought the whip down and struck Shades across the back. Shades cried out in pain. He could feel the whip cut against the skin of his bare back again and again. Shades now had a burning hatred toward Annica. "I hate you!" He yelled to Annica howling in pain as the next strike of the whip sliced him on the shoulderblade. When Jackson had finished, Shades fell to his feet panting for breath. His back was bleeding. It was only when he moved that the throbbing pain returned. Shades long mane of curly locks was blown into his eyes by the wind before he gave Jackson a dark glare. "I will not die to the likes of you or your whore!" Shades said through clenched teeth. Jackson just smiled at that. "Then allow me to take away someone else you care about." He snarled before Eltiana ran out of the theater towards Shades.
Eltiana saw Shades on all fours. It was only when she saw the long bloody cuts on his back that she covered her mouth with her hands. She was shocked. "Shades. What happened to you?" Eltiana asked. "You shouldn't have come here,Eltiana." Shades replied weakly. He then motioned his head for her to turn around. As soon as Eltiana turned around, she saw Jackson Webster smile at her. "My, she is a pretty one." Jackson said cooly before he laughed. "Screw you,Jackson. You killed my sister!" She screamed. Eltiana was about to strike him when Annica grabbed her arm.
Eltiana tried to slip herself out of Annica's grip, but Annica held onto the young girl firmly. Annica's piercing gaze struck Eltiana cold. "I will not allow some brat to hurt my amore!" She hissed. Taking her free hand, she backhanded Eltiana across the face. The girl groaned before Annica looked to Jackson with a smile. "Do you want me to kill her now or would you like to do the honor?" Annica wanted to know after she squeezed Eltiana's arm tightly. Eltiana whimpered as she looked at Shades helplessly. Jackson could only laugh evilly. "Be my guest, Annica. Seeing Shades Malone suffer makes me the happiest man alive." He replied with glee. Eltiana's eyes widened with fear. Annica mouthed the words "My Pleasure" before she slammed Eltiana to the ground and saw the full moon was high in the sky. She wailed in anger as she slowly became a killing machine. When the transformation was over, Eltiana saw the wolf and screamed in terror. She was about to run when the wolf grabbed her by the throat and held her up into the air. "Let me go,you skank!" Eltiana wheezed. The beast howled to the moon before it chokeslammed her to the ground and clawed her face with its sharp fingernails.
She cried out in pain before she glared darkly at the wolf. Three long cuts were streaming blood across her face. Before the wolf could strike again, Eltiana sidestepped it and grabbed the lighter from off the ground. She turned it on and set the wolves' tail on fire. The wolf bellowed to the sky before it fell on top of Eltiana. It began to crush her bones. "No!" Shades yelled. "Eltiana." Tears streamed down her eyes as she could not get the werewolf off her. She mouthed out his name before fading away.
When the beast tore the flesh off the girl and ate her blood, it began to choke. The wolve's breathing was ragged as it screamed in pain and changed back to Annica. She was slowly dying. She lied beside Eltiana's corpse and cried out to Jackson in pain. Jackson ran to Annica with worry. Before Jackson could ask her anything, she plaed a finger to his lips to quiet him. "That child's blood was poisoned! With me only taking a bite, I sentenced myself to death. I love you and I want you to do me a favor. Kill Shades for the both of us." She whispered in his ear before she no longer moved. Jackson sobbed for her just for a short while just as he saw Shades slowly stand up with a look of fury on his face. "Duel of honor,Jackson. Man to man. No tricks!" Shades called to Jackson. Jackson thought about it then shook his head no. He was eye to eye with Shades. "Not tonight, Cowboy. We've caused each other enough pain for one night. Go lick your wounds. There will be another time when we can beat the hell out of each other. Adieu, Shades Malone." Jackson finally said He took his lighter out and burned Annica's body. Shades saw Eltiana was nothing more then a skeleton before he left from Jackson's home.
Shades laughed when he past over the ridge. He looked back to see Jackson's lair in the distance engulfed by the darkness of the fading night. Could his nemesis have a soft side? Shades didn't think so. Jackson just didn't want to see him anymore that night. Shades groaned in pain as he got back to Eltiana's theater and laid against the brick wall. He placed back on his tank top and tried to catch his breath. Shades has had an exhausting and emotional night. He was glad that it was over. A cool breeze blew past him and he groaned when he bent down to stretch. He closed his eyes and clenched his fists tightly. In only a few days he had lost his best friend, an aquaintance, his brother, and a young girl to the likes o Jackson Webster's evil werewolves. At that moment after Annica had killed Eltiana, something in Shade's psyche had finally snapped. He wanted to spill Jackson's blood so bad tonight. Shades had even wanted to duel him, but the old man had refused. He told him to go lick his wounds. They would do it another time. Thinking about it made Shades wail in frustration. He slammed his fists to the ground just to feel another surge of pain from his back go through him. "Doc, he's over there!" Someone cried out. A young man about the age of 25 followed his mentor toward Shades carrying a doctor's bag full of first aid and other medical stuff. The man recognized Shades at once. "Shades Malone. Good to see you! Good grief. What happened to you?" The man with the short blonde hair and blue eyes wearing the white doctor's jacket with a black shirt underneath and blue jeans asked seeing the blood go through his tank top. "That was courtesy of Jackson Webster." Shades replied. "It's been a long time,Dr. Icarus Lewis." He turned to the boy beside him. "Are you Dr. Lewis's apprentice?" He asked.
The boy wearing the poison t-shirt and blue jeans took off his fingerless biker gloves before he nodded. He almost look like Icarus's twin with the hair and eyes. The boy was more goodlooking than he was. Icarus envied him. "It's nice to meet you, Mr. Malone. My name's Duke. Duke Ravenheart." He replied. "Nice to meet you, Duke. Call me Shades." Shades smiled as the good doctor fixed up the cuts on his back. He winced as he felt the sting of the alcohol on his skin. Shades clenched his teeth tightly to endure the pain. After Icarus bandaged Shades up, he thanked him. Icarus brushed it off. "We are so glad we found you." He told him relieved. Shades arched a brow after the doctor said that. "Why do you say that,Icarus?" He asked suspiciously after he crossed his arms. "We want to help you fight off Jackson Webster and the wolves." Icarus replied. Shades shook his head no. "I'm sorry,but I work alone!" He snarled. Shades didn't want anyone else to get hurt. It was betterto face the pain alone then to drag another person down to their death and suffer the pain he faced every day. "As doctors, we risk our lives to save people in the name of modern day medicine. We want justice to be served." Duke added giving a serious glare to Shades. Shades said "Yes" to them in the end. They decided to rest at Eltiana's theater for the night. They were at peace for now. Come the next day. Shade's nightmare would continue. He could still remember those fatal words of Jackson Webster's buzzing in his head like a killer wasp ready to kill him. "Then I guess you'll have to fight for your life. So you have two choices: fight or die." Shades made his choice. He would fight to protect the ones he loved or die trying. That was his choice.




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