Double Team the Beast

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Chapter 2

     Double Team the Beast

     By Amber Buttrum


Shades woke up to the bright sun reflecting off his eyewear as he leaned onto the streetlamp he fell asleep on a few streets away from the Spitfire club. When his eyes were fully open, he pulled out his bag from under him and pulled out a box of cheesy crackers. That would satisfy his hunger for now. Sooner or later, he would have to go find some real food and get a shower in. He basically reeked of the werewolveshe had been fighting the night before. He took a mirror out of the bag before he places his eyewear above his head. Looking in the mirror, he could see the jagged cut of a scar that visibly shown from under his left eye down to his cheek and scowled. The scar was a firm reminder to him that the werewolves he fought didn't play fair. If risking his life for ohers was what it took to defeat Jackson Webster and his werewolf brethren, so be it. Like all his other past injuries, he had healed up slowly. Getting up from the streetlamp, he pulled his wallet out of his pocket to see a picture in the front of it. It was of him, his parents, and the brother who he hadn't seen for four years; Adrian Samuels Malone. Adrian had ventured out west on a quest of self-discovery on this very day a year before Jackson Webster bounded into town and killed his parents in cold blood. Looking at the picture, he missed him a lot.
"I'd give anything to see you again,Dri. I need your help." Shades said to himself sadly. Placing the pic back into the wallet, he put the wallet in the back of his jeans. He then returned the mirror back into the bag before he ate a few cheesy crackers. Shades almost threw up. There was a foul taste to them. It was the only food Miguel had left since they ate all the popcorn. Shades sighed.
Placing the crackers up, he zipped up the bag and placed the strap over his shoulder. He was about to walk on when someone called out his name. He spun around to see a young man in his twenties with the same black eyes he had and short spiky blonde hair approach him. It was only when he saw the onyx black dragon tatoo on the boy's left shoulder exposed of his vintage 80's tank top that Shades knew it was his brother Adrian. Shades ran up to Adrian and happily embraced him. A tear rolled down Shade's eye down to his cheek. "It's so good to see you again, Adrian. I missed you so much." He told him. Adrian nodded and saw a sullen look on his brother's face that stopped him dead in his tracks. "Shades, what is it?" He asked with concern. "A lot of bad things happened after you left." came Shade's cold answer. Fear gripped Adrian. "Mom and dad. Are they okay?" He asked afraid of his brother's answer. Shades placed his eyewear back on before he shook his head no. "They're dead. Jackson Webster killed them." He replied gravely. Adrian then cursed. "What else happened when I left?"
Shades told his brother of the werewolves borne from an illegal drug created by Jackson Webster that took many innocent lives. He had lost many friends and a love of his to them. He even terminated Jackson Webster. To no avail, he survived. Hearing the story finished, Adrian placed a hand on Shade's shoulder. "Don't worry, my brother. We'll destroy the wolves and take out the killer. Come hell or high water, we will protect our home no matter what. You're not alone in this. I'm here now." He assured him. Shades thanked him before he followed his brother to his flat in Times Square.
Night fell after Shades had settled into Adrian's flat and he stood outsides leaning up against the streetlamp near the building with his blade to the side of him. Something was wrong. He could feel it through his bones. The dark clouds slowly parted to reveal a crimson moon. It shone on him like a bright head light. A cool breeze caressed through his long blonde locks and chilled him throughout his entire being. He then heard a couple screaming at each other. It wasn't until the woman was thrown out of the house and the door locked that she began to panic. "Oh no. Not again!" she screamed seeing the full moon. Shades walked over to the woman who was all black and blue. "Are you okay,miss?" He asked with concern. The woman looked at Shades with fear. "Get away!" she cried. "I don't want to hurt you too." Shades wanted to ask her what she was talking about when he saw the green residue of the lime mint pill all over her fingers and backed away as she held her hands over her head. She began to scream in pain.
Her arms began to bulge out and her hands outstretched into long sharp fingernailed claws. Her feet began to do the same. She cried for it to stop. Her cries of pain turned to a feral roar. She was slowly transforming into a killing machine. When the transformation was complete, the wolf stood on its hind legs and howled to the moon. Its soul less red eyes glared at Shades hungrily. Adrian watched Shades face the wolf from behind his streetlamp and his jaw dropped. Before Shades could do anything, the beast grabbed him by the arm and slammed him to the ground hard. Shades began to taste blood again.
Shades slowly got up and jumped on top of the wolf. The wolf yowled in anger and once again grabbed Shades with its huge arms. It quickly threw Shades to the ground. Before he could get up again, the beast growled and with its free hand slashed him on the back hard. Shades yelled in agonizing pain. He jumped back up clenching his teeth to endure the pain he was in and dodged the wolf just as its drool fell to the street. A hole was burned through the street. Shades just smiled. When the creature was caught off guard, he sent a punch straight for its jaw. The beast fell to the ground hard. Before it could even stand, Shades grabbed his blade and pierced it into the animal's heart. It gave a deadly scream before exploding into green slime. Shades took his lighter out and burned the slime before he fell to his knees beginning to cough up blood. "Shades!" Adrian cried running over to his brother with a worried look on his face. He reached to place his lighter back into Shade's jacket just as he slowly stood to retrieve his dagger from off of the street before passing out. "It's going to be alright." Adrian said carrying his brother in his arms into the house.
Meanwhile at the ruins of Jackson Webster industries, a beautiful young woman with short brown hair and blue eyes in a dark ebony silk dress walked slowly into the scattered ruins of the building. She was about to turn and leave when she saw Jackson Webster step out of the shadows in his red business suit. He smiled at her. "Sorry it is a mess,Ms. Melody but it's what I call home. So! Are you ready to do business with me or go back to your worthless life?"
Melody nodded. Jackson placed a lime mint pill into her hand and told her "All you have to do is try my product out. Once you are satisfied, return back to me for your reward." Melody nodded again. She was about to grab the large wad of money in his fist when he smacked her hand away. Jackson laughed before he stared at her coldly. "No dessert until you've finished your supper,young lady. Now go." He said darkly. Melody scurried out of the ruins before Jackson decided to rip her apart. "There will be time for that soon. First, let's see her rip Shade's family reunion apart." He said to himself. An evil laugh then escaped from his throat and a grinch-like smile curved his lips. 'It's good to be evil.' He thought before he secretly followed Melody to Times Square. He was so going to enjoy his new client destroy Shade's brother just like he did his parents and love of his life. Soon he would have his revenge and finish what he started the year before.
An hour later, Shades woke up in his brother's bed with a pack of ice against his back. "Enjoy the rest,bro?" Adrian asked sitting at Shade's side. Shades nodded. Adrian was glad Shades was okay. Shades was touched that Adrian was by his side during his time of need. "Thanks for helping me out back there, Adrian. I often get hurt in these fights. I basically risk my life for this city. Dang!" Shades said irritated. He calmed down just as Adrian came back to the room to hand Shades a pina colada to drink. Shades thanked him and took a drink. "Thanks. I needed that." He told him.
Before Adrian could ask Shades if he needed anything else, the doorbell rang. "I wonder who that could be." Adrian wondered. He was about to go answer the door when Shades placed a hand on his shoulder. He gave a dark glare to Adrian. "Be careful. It may be one of Jackson Webster's clients. I don't want anything bad to happen to you,Dri." Shades warned him. Adrian nodded. He gave a smiled before he pulled out the saber to show his brother from off his back. "I didn't leave you guys for nothing. They mess with you and I'll show them no mercy since they didn't show any to mom or dad. I'll be back soon." Adrian replied coldly placing his saber back into his sheath behind his back. Opening the door, Adrian saw a beautiful young woman wearing an ebony silk dress standing in his doorway. The wind caressed her short brown hair and she stared at Adrian seductively with her blue eyes. She smiled at him. "Hi, I'm Melody. Are you Adrian Malone?" She asked. All Adrian did was nod. "Can I help you Melody? I was tending to my brother before you arrived. He has been injured by a werewolf." He told her. Melody understood. She then asked "Would you like to come to dinner with me?" "Sure. Shades will be fine for a while. I would love to,Melody." Adrian replied. Shutting the door behind him, he followed her to an outdoor restaurant. Watching in the shadows, Jackson Webster laughed evilly.
An hour past and Adrian had finished his last bit of pepperoni pizza as Melody smelt her breath and choked. "Are you okay?" Adrian asked her. He looked at her with concern. "I'm fine. Just need an after-dinner mint." Melody said clearing her throat and took out the lime mint pill that Jackson Webster gave her out of her little white purse. She swallowed it then replied "Much better. Shall we go?" Adrian nodded.
Melody walked Adrian home. She began to laugh at all the jokes he was telling her. When she took a step further, Melody began to get dizzy. Her head began to throb in pain. "Melody!" Adrian cried. "What's wrong?" She fell to her knees and cried out in pain. "Leave before something bad happens." She said unable to stop the pain that was hurting her head. Adrian shook his head no and held onto her hand. "No. I don't want to lose you. Melody, I love you!" Adrian cried. "That, my bo will be your downfall." A voice said behind him. Adrian turned around to see Jackson Webster step out from the shadows in his red business suit and gave a dark smile to Shade's brother. He laughed at Adrian's naiveness and placed a hand on his shoulder standing beside him. "Let's watch as this love fest dies." Jackson told him as he pointed to the sky. The dark clouds began to part and revealed a full moon. When Melody saw it, she began to scream. "I can't bear the pain!" She yelled. Adrian was about to run to her when he froze in his tracks. The woman was slowly changing into a werewolf. He turned away from her grisly transformation. Turning back around, he saw the werewolf standing across from him pierce the sky with an ear-shattering cry. Hearing it, Adrian cried out in pain. His ears had begun to bleed. The beast stared at Adrian hungrily. He was about to run when the wolf grabbed Adrian by the leg. Hanging upside-down, Adrian looked into Jackson Webster's deadly blue eyes. His eyes widened in fear.
"Oh. I am so going to enjoy watching you die!" Jackson exclaimed with a cheshire cat smile on his face. Adrian gave a sly smile and took his saber out. He took his saber and slashed the wolves' arm off. The beast howled in pain. Using its free hand, it backhanded Adrian across the face and a sharp cut was across his temple. Adrian fell to the ground crying in pain. He tried to grabbed the saber but Jackson crushed it from under his feet.
Jackson looked down at Adrian as if he was a bug he wanted to squash and kill. His lips curved into a snarl. "Sorry,kid,but no one is going to ruin this moment for me. Not even you!" He snapped. Kicking the pieces of Adrian's saber away, Jackson laughed at Adrian's piteous cries for help. The Werewolf began to break every bone in his body. Adrian begged for his suffering to end. He began to pull his hair out and struggled to breathe. His breathing ragged, he looked at Jackson Webster with a look so fierce that it seared through Jackson's pathetic soul. Throughout his pain, he laughed at Jackson. "What's so funny?" Jackson wanted to know his face turning scarlet in anger. Taking his last breath, he replied "It's going to be a riot when Shades turns you black and blue then pee all over your grave like the pathetic dog you are. I love you, Shades." With that, Adrian fell to the ground with his short spiky blond hair going into his eyes. He was dead. Melody fell to the ground back as a human woman naked on the street as the rain slowly came down. Jackson took off his jacket and covered her up in it. "Come. You have done well, Ms. melody. Soon you shall have your reward." Jackson cooed softly in her ear. The girl nodded and followed him back to the ruins.
Shades ran as fast as he could. His heart pounded fast. Something was wrong. He could feel it in his bones. The rain continued to fall soaking him through. He stopped cold when he saw Adrian's dead body in the middle of the street. He took off his eyewear and a look of terror filled his eyes. "No." he whispered. "Adrian." Tears slowly streamed down his eyes and fell down to his cheek. He slowly rocked his brother in his arms as the storm continued. Shade's couldn't believe it. His brother Adrian was gone. He was taken by a Werewolf of Jackson Webster's foul creation. The werewolf was still alive. Shades would not let this evil act go unanswered. Placing his eyewear back on, he went to bury his last of kin before going to pay his nemesis and the werewolf he hid a visit. The wind went through his long mane of curly locks; it chilled him to the corner of his inner being. He was going to spill blood tonight. Before the night was through, he would destroy the werewolf who killed his brother. Carrying Adrian in his arms, Shades took him to an empty field next to the cemetary to bury him.
Melody wearing a replacement ebony dress that she bought with the money Jackson gave him prepared to do a pole dance for her master. Jackson's mouth fell open. He never realized how hot his client was until now. He approached her slowly and said darkly nibbling her neck "You did a good job tonight, my dear. How about we play a naughty little game?" Melody was about to oblige when he saw the dark silouette of Shades Malone darken his doorway and scowled. "Jackson!" he yelled. "Bring your woman out her now." Jackson stared at Shades coldly. He pulled Melody close to him as if to protect her. He gave an innocent smile. "What did my client do to you?" the man inquired. The words came out of Shade's mouth like verbal vomit. "She killed my brother." He answered gravely.
"Then I guess you'll have to fight for your life. Your brother tried, but failed horribly. So you have two choices: fight or die." "I rather fight. So bring it on,Jackson!" Shades hissed pulling his blade out holding it to his side while his other hand clenched into a tight fist. He placed his feet apart and stood in a fighting stance. Shades growled softly at the girl who was shoved toward the ground. Through his Shades she could see his soul less black eyes glare fiercely at her. That piercing look went through her and she couldn't help but to gulp. She looked at him with fear and sadness. "I'm sorry I killed your brother, but I needed the money for my family." She cried. Shades said nothing as they both watched the clouds part away. In its place was a full moon. Seeing the moon, Melody began to scream in pain. She bent over and slowly transformed from girl to wolf. It was a painful sight to see. When she finished the metamorphosis, the wolf hovered over Shades and looked at him hungrily. Jackson sat down in his burned chair and watched the fight with interest.
Shades and the wolf glared at each other darkly before they began to slowly circle around each other. The wolf gave a low growl and sent a claw out to strike Shades. Shades jumped away from its attack and slashed it across the eye with his blade. He landed on his feet just as the creature howled in pain. Drool fell from the beast's gaping jaw. Before Shades could move away, it landed on his neck and he cried out in pain. His flesh was being eaen away from the side of his neck by the acid saliva. Shades's neck was bleeding but he couldn't retreat now. He had to end this. Taking his blade, he pierced it through the beating heart of the monster.
The beast howled to the sky before it exploded into green slime that cover the entrance of Jackson's lair like green sticky playdoh. Jackson quickly got up and jumped into Shade's face. He gave him a menacing glare. "How dare you!" He snarled. His face turned scarlet read and he was about to backhand Shades across the face only to see him grab onto Jackson's hand holding it in mid-strike. He placed his eyewear above his head with his free hand before staring at the jerk before him with his soul less black eyes. "You're the one who started this war and the curse between us, you worm. If I were you, I'd think before acting." Shades said through clenched teeth. He released his grasp and sent Jackson flying to the other side of the ruins. Jackson groaned standing up slowly from the rubble that had once been his study then yelled to Shades spitting blood up before a dark smile crossed his face"As long as you're alive, it'll continue. The nightmare will never end,Shades. And I can assure you, I'll be there to watch you suffer!" Shades smiled. He turned to leave and slowly walked away just as his nemesis cursed at him.
Jackson had crossed the line and Shades knew that. Taking his brother was the last straw. Shades would never again risk someone else's life. He would fight to protect the ones who needed his help the most. If he was to risk his life,so be it. The war had begun and it was one Shade's couldn't afford to lose. Jackson was going to pay for taking his family away from him. Soon Shades was going to bash his brains out across the floor. The nightmare would be over soon.




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