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 Literary Magic: Fall Issue (2008)

           Editor's Note

Remember the phrase "Spring forward, Fall backward?" Well, at Literary Magic its "Spring forward and Fall forward." The point? Be careful not to "fall" behind no matter what season it is. Want to read more books? Make a list for yourself, prioritize your favorites and get started. Just like that.

This issue ESPN Sportscaster Linda Cohn joins us. She talks to Literary Magic about her new memoir, Cohn-Head, why Sports is so popular. Read the interview for advice on not only writing, but how women and men can succeed in life and attain dream career, like the author did.

The results are in. Literary Magic's Fiction and Poetry Contests for 2008 broke our record for submissions once again. We received over 130 short stories and poems from nearly 100 writers in just one month. Congratulations to the winners. Read their published stories and poems as well as critiques and editorial on our Contest Results page.

Editors. Writers. Readers.

These three groups of people are the parts that compose Literary Magic. Readers form our community. Editors lead us. And writers are our lifeblood. For all the writers out there who contribute to or have written for Literary Magic in the past, or who aspire to break in to the magazine, make sure to read this issue Essay entitled "Literary Magic & Writers," previously published in Whisper Poetry.

Archives. Read the new (again) Literary Magic Archives, which has been organized in a neater and easy to navigate fashion.

The Fall Issue of the magazine is replete with exciting and creative stories. For originality, read "Heaven for Dortguller" by Richard Cahill. Want something exciting? Check out "The Spotlight" by Mike Colucci. Find out why god is good in our etymology section.

To end off, here are the first three things you should put on your agenda: reading, reading, and oh, did I mention reading?


Yours literally,

Rocky Reichman, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of

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