2007 Fiction and Poetry Contest Results

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2007 Literary Magic Fiction and Poetry Contests
       The 2007 Literary Magic Fiction and Poetry Contests were a major success. We received in excess of a hundred submissions, surpassing the amount we received last year. Stories and poetry came from countries around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium and South Africa. Many writers entered and our editors had the chance to read and judge very interesting, well written and creative short stories and poems.
           First, Second and Third place winners for both categories, Fiction and Poetry, are listed below. The winners' stories and poems are published in this issue of the magazine, along with full Critiques of their works (written below each story or poem).
           In addition, the judges have also chosen the five Runner-Ups for each category, Fiction and Poetry. Runner-Up stries and poems will be published in a future issue of Literary Magic.
           Read the Results below! Literary Magic thanks every writers that participated, and hopes authors will persist in the future and find sucess. As for the Winners, congratulations!
Fiction: Winning Short Stories

          1) Family Recipes by Sheri Downing
          2) 5.47 a.m. by Peter Williams
          3) The Angolan Refugee by Ginny Swart
          4) The Man In The Snow by Joan Kaplan
          5) A Junior Officer Two by Dorothy and George.
Poetry (Winning Poems):


          1) Wonder by Kate Williamson
          2) Good Things by G.L.Morris
          3) Night Shadow by Sharon Sanlon
          4) Are we nearly there yet? By Nick Capstick
          5) Modern Law by Rajni Gopaul

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