2006 Fiction and Poetry Contest Results

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2006 Literary Magic Fiction and Poetry Contest Winners

The Literary Magic 2006 Fiction and Poetry Contests were both great successes. We received over 100 entries for both contests from 9 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, France, Germany, India and Argentinia.

Below are the winners of the fiction and poetry contests. To read their stories and poems, click on their titles. The top three winners of both contests received a critique by our editors as well, which can be read also. Honorary Mentions (five for each contest) are listed below the top three winners. Literary Magic thanks every writer who submitted their fiction and poetry to our contests, and we congratulate the winners.               


Fiction Contest Winners                    

     First Place:  "Mermaids to Manta-Rays," by Charmaine J. Clark, Australia

     Second Place: "Obsession," by Frank Pim, United States

     Third Place: "Get me to the Chapel on time," by Sue-Lyn and Paul Hughes, United Kingdom


Honorary Mentions:

First Honorary Mention: "Absence of Tears," by Shoshana R. McIntosh, United States                                                   

Second Honorary Mention: "Morgan Lefang and the Bad Bunnies," by Raymond Carissimo, United States

Third Honorary Mention: "The Cabbage Soup Caper," by George L. Darley, Jr., United States

Fourth Honorary Mention: "An Unlikely Friend," by Melanie Wollenschlager, Germany

Fifth Honorary Mention: "Buenos Aires," by Scott McKnight, Argentina 


                     Poetry Contest Winners                          

First Place: "When..." by Nathalie Freson, Israel

Second Place: "From Freedom to Captivity," by Cherry-Ann Carew, United States

Third Place: "Some Power from Somewhere," by Siobhan Lavelle, United Kingdom (Ireland)


Honorary Mentions:

First Honorary Mention: "Senryus," by Charles Clifford Brooks III, United States

Second Honorary Mention: "take her home," by Jayanthi Manoj, India

Third Honorary Mention: "Before I Can Tell," by Danielle Jasmine Nordlund, United States

Fourth Honorary Mention: "Portrait," by Marilyn J. De Paula, United States

Fifth Honorary Mention: "Maisy," by John Lavan, United Kingdom  

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