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 The Emotion Behind Money by Julie Murphy Casserly

             Reviewed by Jean Bailey Robor 

      "The Emotion Behind Money” was written by Julie Murphy Casserly and is a refreshing perspective of how vulnerable we are in making financial decisions and how our emotions factor into those decisions. The author begins by focusing, not on our net worth, but on our inner wealth. From there Casserly takes us through the process of self discovery. We find that living in abundance is dependent on various areas of our lives through discovering our authentic selves and maintaining deliberate intentions. This book is perfect for the young just starting out as well as older folks looking to getting a grip on their finances and other areas of their lives.  

      While the book alludes to a ‘law of attraction’-type premise, it isn’t preachy but as matter-of-fact as you would expect in a book of this sort. However, the reader will be pleasantly surprised at the author’s ‘hand’s-on’ approach. Within several chapters there are exercises for the reader to perform to bring him into an understanding of where he now stands and how to push past his emotional ties to money and other hindrances holding him back. Plus, there are summaries at the end of each chapter to reinforce lessons given.  

      While “The Emotion Behind Money” isn’t a guide to building a fortune, it doesn’t claim to be. Instead, it claims to help the reader build ‘wealth from the inside out’, which it does effectively. The reader should use this book, not as a guide to wealth per se, but as a guide to living an abundant and satisfying life and freeing him from the emotion behind his financial decisions. The principles the author references are timeless, and are as effective today as they will be in years to come.



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