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Show Me by Jessica Kizorek

Reviewed by Rocky Reichman

PSI Publications, 20 Danada Square West #212

Wheaton, Illinois, $29.95

ISBN #: 978-1-884230-01-1

    Show Me does for publishing what YouTube has done for the Internet: it transforms the industry and improves it with innovation. Author Jessica Kizorek has written a professional how-to book, informing but entertaining. From the front cover, her book promises to teach readers about “Marketing with Video on the Web.” But Show Me does more than that. Not only has Kizorek shown readers the technical side of online video production, but she has discussed marketing strategy too. Her book therefore is a guide meant for not only video enthusiasts, but for business owners and marketers as a whole. The rules in Show Me can be applied to any company, from a web startup to Fortune 500 Corporation.

    Online video can be a technical subject. Yet Kizorek shows a powerful command of writing and works “literary magic” with her words. She turns what could be a dull manual into an easily-to-read, entertaining book. And the author has done her research, too. Expert quotes, case studies, surveys and marketing studies can be found on practically ever page. If that was not enough, Kizorek is also a maven and industry speaker on the topic. As a bonus to the book, she provides readers with a guide to international video production. She explains everything from what kind of equipment to bring to which bug repellants people should use. Her experience helps readers not only on the page, but in the real world as well.

    The book is divided into short chapters with casual language. The author discusses a plethora of topics. Why to use video in the first place. How to measure the success of your campaign. How to actually produce the videos. Where to publish them. How to promote your videos. The list goes on. The book is a manual and a guide: it is a manual because it shows readers the technicalities of producing videos; and it is guide because it shows not only how to produce those online videos, but how to succeed at it.

    Show Me is an essential guide for marketers, advertisers, business owners and anyone interested in producing online video in general. Today it is useful. In the future, it will be indispensable.


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