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In Transit by Ute Carson

Reviewed by Rocky Reichman

Publish America


      Love. Relationships.

      Do we really understand these words? Or what they mean? In In Transit, Ute Carson tells a story a shy young man, Bryan McMurphy, who is down on his luck—until he meets Blanca, a childless woman who offers him her hospitality. The result? Their meeting changes both of their lives.

      But In Transit is more than a mere story about values and the way people treat strangers. It is much more than that. Ute Carson should be applauded for writing a book that so deeply analyzes human relationships, love among them.

      Ute Carson is both a novelist and a published poet. Which is why it is no surprise that her prose reads so beautifully. The author draws people into her novel's world with writing so vivid and sensual that readers may forget whether what's happening is real-life or just the novel. Carson's writing is smooth and delicate. Other writers should read her book even if they are not interested in the subject. Her prose alone will enlighten them and help them craft their own stories.

      In Transit takes readers on a tour of different kinds of personalities, each one complex and occasionally abnormal. Carson has certainly done her homework when it comes to crafting the psychological aspect of her characters.

      The book is recommended for any reader who enjoys reading about relationships, characters with quirky personalities or just something that stands out from other novels. Carson should be praised for her writing, prose that other aspiring authors can learn from.





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