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Reviewed by Rocky Reichman

Cohn-Head by Linda Cohn

The Lyons Press, Guilford, Connecticut

ISBN #: 978-1-59921-113-8

      Enlightening. Powerful. Moving. This book should serve as the guide to any woman who wants to succeed in life and in their professional careers.

      Cohn-Head is an inspiring memoir that opens up the world of sportscasting in a whole new way. Linda Cohn has given readers an inside look at what it's like to be a female sportscaster in an industry largely made up of male figures.

      Sports. Of course, Linda Cohn never fails to capture the interest of sports fans. She makes sure to include plenty of information about what was going on in the stadiums, hockey rinks and basketball courts throughout her years growing up.

      Cohn-Head is a book that breaks bounds—just like the author has done herself. More importantly than the inside scoop at sports it gives, this book should serve as a guide to every woman who has ever wanted to achieve a dream goal. In Cohn-Head, Linda Cohn teaches reader never to give up. That there is hope. That they can reach their goal.

      Which is what makes this book so important. And timely. Women everywhere today are trying to create successful careers for themselves. What could be more useful than a memoir about someone who actually achieved a dream job like they wanted? A person who went through the same trials and ordeals to get where she is today?

      Nothing comes free, of course. As detailed in her book, Linda Cohn did not get her dream job of becoming a sportscaster all at once. As with anything, there were many steps in her path. Hardships. Struggles. But she overcame them. She ignored the sexist prejudice that tried to bar her way into not only creating a professional career for herself, but one as a sportscaster.

      Cohn-Head offers serious materials, but manages to do so in a light-hearted manner. Instead of using the book as a platform to shout “look at me, look at me,” Cohn-Head offers funny yet honest accounts of Linda Cohn's life experiences.

      Get ready, sports fans, for a look into the life of America's first female sportscaster. And if you are a high-achieving woman reading this who has a dream job you want yourself, pay attention. Learn from Linda. This book is recommended for sports fans who want to find out who the “real Linda Cohn” is. And for women who are driven to achieve, this book and Linda Cohn's life will serve as a guide to them. Not only for success, but for achieving their life goals and doing the impossible.


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