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   Attitude Therapy by Deb Copeland

                        Reviewed by Dr. Lisa Korman, Ph.D.


      Insightful. Powerful. Provoking.

      Attitude Therapy is positive thinking with a punch. Author Deb Copeland shows how to overcome any situation and bounce back by thinking in the right manner.

      Attitude Therapy also contains useful exercises, activities readers can use to put what they have learned into action. The author also includes stories about her own life.

      What Copeland has given readers is a deliberate study of positive thinking--a powerful practice to prepare for real life. And the author presents her advice in an easy-to-read style and kind manner.

      The author has the knowledge to back up her words, too. She writes from experience, drawing on the resilience she displayed in her own life--whether it be struggling and dealing with divorce, disease or even death. What the book is missing is more focus on other topics, such as resilience. Perhaps the book could have gotten its message through more powerfully by explaining in depth the traits people need to not only survive but thrive in life. In addition, the book could have focused more on how other factors contribute to optimism and motivation, such as behavior, family and the surrounding environment.

      But the most important idea this book shows is how readers can improve their lives and “flip the switch” through changing their attitude and behaviors. Which makes this book a necessary contribution to the library of motivational and self-help literature.



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